10 Health Benefits of Tai Chi

tai chi

You may have heard how martial arts can help your health.

The fast pace of karate, Jiu-Jitsu, or tae kwon do may not be for you. Even though those specific martial arts are not for you, the slower pace of Tai Chi may be just what you are looking for.

Tai Chi is a martial art that helps you find inner tranquility and helps sooth the soul. Although the moves can be used in self defense, if needed, the primary use for it is centering your chi, the flow of healthy energy through your body, and finding a healthy medium between your yin and yang. Many people who have health problems feel like they need to exercise, but are afraid of high impact, fast paced aerobic exercises. Many health problems limit the ability to do these exercises.

This is why Tai Chi has become increasingly popular throughout the years. It is a low impact, slow speed exercise program that can be customized to your specific needs and the health benefits are phenomenal.

. Cardiac and Respiratory – Tai Chi increases the tranquility and removes negative thoughts from your mind. Stress increases the risk of heart attack and other heart related illnesses. Removing this stress and re-concentrating the flow of chi through your body can help reduce your risk of heart attack.

The breathing exercises also help regulate the respiratory system and help you control your breathing. They calm breathing and strengthen the muscles in your lungs. This reduces the effect that respiratory illness have on your life.

2. Posture and Muscle Density – The motions of Tai Chi help increase your posture by strengthening your back and stomach muscles. This helps improve the symptoms of back problems and prevents problems in the future. It also helps build the strength of many other muscles as well.

3. Alignment – An essential part of preventing injuries in every day life is keeping the proper body alignment. Without proper alignment, simple every day activities can cause injury. Tai Chi helps you learn the proper alignment and body mechanics.

4. Movement – Every physician will tell you that the best way to prevent illness, strengthen your body, and feel better is through movement. Getting up and moving is the best way to make yourself feel good, both mentally and physically. Exercise is great for preventing health problems, loosing weight, gaining muscle density, and much more.

5. Belief – Tai Chi is based on a belief system that you can control the way you feel, and the energy that you allow into your body. Having something to believe in, gives you a stronger mental well being. It can also give you a sense of control over your own health and life. Everyone feels better when they have some control over the way their life is. This sense of control can help you better focus on the other maters of your life, without added stress.

6. Lower Blood Pressure – Tai Chi’s ability to calm the body and the mind has been linked to decreasing blood pressure. People who suffer from hypertension can greatly benefit from the exercises that are performed in Tai Chi without stress on the body, or needing to raise the blood pressure to get results.

7. Healing from Health Problems – The best way to decrease your healing time from injury is to get up and move. This is why after surgery, doctors get you up and moving as soon as it is safe to do so. Since Tai Chi is a slow, low impact exercise, it is is perfect for those who are recovering from surgery, injury, or other health problems. You can get back to being you and living your daily life a lot sooner.

8. Increased Balance and Stamina – Aging, and many injuries can cause lack of balance over time. Tai Chi increase balance and helps you find your center of gravity again.

By slowly increasing your time spent practicing Tai Chi, you can easily build stamina. This is important for your cardiac and circulatory systems as well as your personal muscle tone.

9. Helps You Sleep – Regular exercise helps you sleep, as long as you don’t do it right before bed. Allow your body at least 5 hours between the end of your workout and the time you wish to go to bed. The exercise based movements and the soothing, calming nature of Tai Chi, helps release endorphins, which make you feel good about yourself. This will help ease you into a better nights sleep.

10. Healthy Movement at a Slower Pace – Science has shown that Tai Chi has the same benefits as aerobics, even though it is slower moving. This makes it the perfect exercise for those with arthritis, or other problems that limit their speed and range of motion. It also helps build flexibility which is needed to decrease arthritis pain.

Tai Chi is well known for its ability to calm and soothe the soul. Many people over look the direct health benefits it has for the body. Listen to your body as you do Tai Chi, it will tell you what skills you should work on more for the maximum health benefit. Martial arts is well known for giving increased health, range of motion, strength, stamina, increased balance, a sense of control, and peace of mind to those who regularly practice it. Start out slow and gradually build up from there. Why wait, start enjoying the health benefits of Tai Chi today and become a healthier you.

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