10 Health Benefits of Oatmeal


In a world of pancakes, sausage, and sugary breakfast cereals, oatmeal is often maligned as the least exciting way to start the day. But oatmeal is actually the smart way to kick off any day, as it contains a number of essential nutrients and proteins which benefit the body. The health benefits of oatmeal are numerous, and the smart healthy eater will likely make a big change in their morning routine when they learn just ten of these benefits.

Health Benefits of Oatmeal

10. Healthy Hearts Prefer Oatmeal – More than 40 academic studies have shown that oatmeal helps to reduce the likelihood of heart disease by filtering so-called “bad” cholesterol, known as LDL, out of the blood, while maintaining healthy cholesterol and leaving it essentially untouched. The effect was so profound on participants in these studies that, in 1997, the federal government ruled that oatmeal manufacturers could advertise the healthy heart effects of the food on its packaging.

9. The large increase in soluble fiber that is promoted by oatmeal has been shown to lower blood pressure in those who typically have elevated blood pressure levels naturally. This plays into the fact that oatmeal reduces bad cholesterol and prevents heart disease – a great combination for those with a history of heart problems.

8. Leaving Chemicals and Sugars Behind – Plain oatmeal, which is sold as an unflavored canister containing nothing but rolled oats, is an all-natural food that contains no artificial additives. There is no high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, MSG, or other harmful additives found in more processed breakfast foods.

7. Oatmeal is Quick, Making Breakfast Easy – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most people simply skip this essential step in the morning routine because it’s too time consuming and laborious for the half-awake morning commuter. But oatmeal takes jut three minutes in a microwave oven, and ten minutes on a stovetop.

There’s no way pancakes, sausage, waffles, or hash browns can compete. Even the drive-through at a fast food restaurant would have a hard time keeping up.

6. Oatmeal Reduces Cancer Risk – Several studies have recently shown that the high amount of fiber and other essential nutrients in oatmeal helps to reduce cancer risk in those who eat oatmeal several times per week. Those with a family history of cancer should pay special attention to this benefit.

5. Oatmeal is a Complex Carbohydrate – All healthy diets need to contain carbohydrates in order to create a sufficient supply of energy. But those carbohydrates should be natural, unprocessed, and complex. All three of these attributes are contained in just one daily bowl of oatmeal, which means it actually helps to promote healthy eating and weight loss.

4. Oatmeal Can Be Delicious and Healthy – The best food, according to most people, is food that is simply not good for you. It tastes better than all of those healthy products on store shelves. Oatmeal, however, can take on any flavor someone wishes it to have. Bananas, no-sugar sweetener, and berries, are just some of the healthy ways to give this breakfast food a pleasing taste while keeping it healthy. No sugary cereal can compete.

3. The soluble fiber found in a bowl of oatmeal actually helps to regular blood glucose levels; that means it’s an essential way of staving off late-onset diabetes. In fact, the American Diabetes Association even recommends that those with type 2 diabetes have a bowl of oatmeal every day in order to promote good health and glucose regulation.

2. Oatmeal Boosts the Immune System – The beta-gluten fiber found in any bowl of oatmeal is directly connected with helping to boost the immune system. Those who eat a bowl of oatmeal at least one a day were found, by several studies, to come down with an illness less often than those who either skipped breakfast or chose a less healthy breakfast food.

1. Okay for Those Who Can’t Have Gluten – Oatmeal does contain a small amount of gluten, but the rising problem with celiac disease an the allergic reaction to gluten is not provoked by a bowl of oatmeal. Instead, oatmeal’s levels of gluten are low enough to make it safe for those both with and without an aversion to gluten.

Oatmeal is the Smart Choice of Healthy Children and Adults

Unfortunately, the world moves at a pace that is often too fast to eat breakfast in the morning. Those who do eat breakfast often find themselves grabbing a granola bar, toaster pastry, or a fast food item that they can eat on the go. None of these breakfast options promote good health, and most of them won’t even help the person get through an average day at the office.

Oatmeal offers a combination fiber, protein, and carbohydrates that are essential to success throughout the day. It’s an essential source of energy for the busy professional, and oatmeal will promote a longer life simply by ensuring that heart health is achieved and maintained, the immune system is kept in good repair, cancer risk is lowered, and type 2 diabetes is made less likely.

Aside from an apple, a daily bowl of oatmeal may be the best way of keeping the doctor away.

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