10 Health Benefits of Jasmine Flower Extract


Jasmine is one of the most famous flowers of the world, found in warm regions of the world. The flower is especially known for its strong and pleasing fragrance, which makes a person full of delight. The flower blooms at night; hence it has the pleasant smell which is associated with other flowers that bloom at night. Jasmine can be found in both white and yellow colors.

Jasmine for a long time has been a source of pleasing the sense of aesthetics. However, it has outgrown the poetic features associated with it and has become a natural ingredient that offers many health benefits. The most common use of jasmine can be seen in aromatherapy where it is used as a sedating perfume; however, there are many other health benefits of using Jasmine. The primary health benefits of Jasmine extract are as under.

Health Benefits of Jasmine

1) Anti Depressant – The aroma of jasmine oil, which is often used in aromatherapy sessions , has a pleasing, uplifting affect on the mood, and helps in keeping depression at bay. After smelling the aroma of jasmine, you would naturally feel relaxed, and full of romantic and poetic feelings.

2) Anti Spasmodic – Jasmine oil has also found to exhibit anti spasmodic qualities. The oil can be used to treat and gain instant relief from spasmodic cramps, coughs, asthma, congestions, and breathlessness. It can also be very beneficial to use in case of intestinal cramps, and spasmodic cholera caused by spasm.

3) Antiseptic – The constituents of Jasmine make it a good disinfectant and anti septic as well. The components, Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Benzoate, and Benzaldihyde, exhibit quite effective, fungicidal, bactericidal, anti viral, and germicidal properties. If jasmine oil is applied on wounds externally, it would help preventing the wounds from becoming septic, as well as prevents from tetanus infections.

4) Cicatrisant – Jasmine oil is also very effective in treating and fading the scar marks, acne, wound, and pox spots left on body. The cicatrisant properties of help in fading away the spots left by scars and others, in addition it can also help in fighting fat cracks.

5) Aphrodisiac – The aromatherapy session of Jasmine oil makes you feel romantic. The main reason behind which is the Aphrodisiac properties of Jasmine oil. The oil increases your libido and makes your mood more romantic. It is the very reason why you find Jasmine as a necessary component of First Nights. The oil can also help you with problems such as impotency, frigidity, and premature ejaculation.

6) Emenagogue – The oil exceeds its traditional use, and has been found to be helpful in providing women with relief who suffer from, obstructed, painful, and irregular menses, in addition to treating untimely menopause. The emenagogue feature of Jasmine Oil helps in making the periods, clear, less painful, and regular, in addition to helping in resisting the untimely menopause. The oil also helps in other problems caused due to menses, like, nausea, annoyance, and fatigue.

7) Expectorant – The major problem associate with cough and cold is that, a person suffering from it can never achieve a sound sleep. The expectorant properties of Jasmine oil can help you a great deal in this regard; it can help you in achieving a sound sleep regardless of you suffering with cough and cold. The oil provides relief from cough by clearing phlegm accumulation in your respiratory tracts, in addition to respiratory tract; it also clears the congestion of nasal tract keeping you away from snoring. Therefore, with use of jasmine oil, you can have a snore and cough free sleep at night.

8) Parturient – The other major benefit of Jasmine Oil can be seen at the time of birth. This oil eases and facilitates the process of birth, by reducing the pain of labor. This feature of the oil can be extremely useful now days, where most of the births are operated through Caesarian method.

9) Galactogogue – The use of Jasmine oil has also been found to increase the secretion of milk in mother’s breasts. Therefore, it is very good from feeding babies and lactating mothers perspective. This galactogogue property of jasmine oil also helps in protecting women from breast cancer or breast tumor.

10) Uterine Health – The jasmine extracts have also been associated with better health of uterine. The oil tones up the uterine, which results in smooth flow of hormones that are responsible for the better health of uterus. By restricting estrogen flow, Jasmine also helps the uterus from tumors, which often happens after the menopause phase.


People who are allergic to Jasmine should avoid its use. Especially, those who are pregnant should not use it because of its sedative properties; it may result in dizziness, which can cause accidents not beneficial for pregnant women.

Bottom Line:

The best way of treating or curing any illness is to go natural, because the benefits which nature has for you, no medicine can replace them. Therefore, regardless of your gender, the flower of Jasmines has many hidden qualities, which you can use for your benefits, whether it’s curing, treating, or just pleasing the senses.

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