10 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Although it’s definitely not tasty, ginger has a lot of health benefits. This brown, pungent smelling root is valued as a remedy for a lot of diseases. Moreover, it is also a great source of vitamins and minerals, especially when consumed with tea . It contains a lot of vitamin C and magnesium. To make it more tasty you can drink ginger tea with honey or lemon juice. To convince everyone that its consumption can be really advantageous, below I’ve listed some best known health benefits of ginger tea.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

1. Lowers risk of motion sickness – Tea with ginger can help to avoid sickness during travel. It makes you feel calm by reducing stress levels. It may also prevent vomiting during long distance trips. The next advantage of ginger tea is its relieving influence on headaches. Due to ginger’s nausea-preventing properties, it is advised to drink one cup of tea before traveling.

2. Fights stomach aches – Ginger tea accelerates digestion process by contributing to stomach acids release. What is more, it also boosts food absorption. Thanks to that, the process of digestion as a whole is shortened and there is no feeling of over-eating. You can be sure you won’t suffer from stomach pain.

3. Alleviates signs of inflammation – Ginger tea can reduce pain in arthritis. Drinking a cup of tea daily can assist prevention of joint and muscle pain but also help with fatigue relief. For athlete’s foot sufferers it is recommended to make ginger tea baths to get rid of itchiness and the burning feeling. For other injuries, you can make compresses to reduce swelling.

4. Fights breathing problems during colds – Drinking ginger tea can be good for you especially when you suffer from common respiratory ailments like cough and stuffy nose. A ginger infusion will loosen phlegm and clear the respiratory system. Besides, it also combats allergy symptoms, helps with permanent sneezing and hay fever.

5. Maintains regular blood circulation – A cup of hot ginger tea helps to regulate blood flow and prevents the symptoms of cold, such as chills, fever and sweating. The minerals and amino acids included in ginger improve the circulation of erythrocytes. Thanks to that, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is minimized.

6 . Eliminates the discomfort associated with menstrual pains – Women suffering from severe menstrual pains can use tea as a hot compress.  A towel soaked with the infusion must be placed on the belly, close to the position of uterus. This reduces the pain and loosens the muscles. Also, tea with ginger has a soothing effect.

7. Improves immune system – The huge amount of antioxidants contained in ginger tea strengthens immunity. Even one cup of tea a day helps reduce the potential risk of stroke, since ginger acts by breaking down fat deposits which block the arteries. Researchers say that the consumption of ginger also results in restoring cholesterol levels to normal and preventing cancer.

8.  Reduces stress level – A sip of tea with a hint of ginger makes you happy, relieved and puts you in a good mood. It leaves the feeling of freshness and tranquility for a long time. Its taste dispels all your sorrows and negative thoughts during a bad day. Ginger brew is also a great remedy for stressful moments. It brings about a feeling of comfort thanks to its aromatic fragrance.

9.  Helps fighting an asthma – Asthma usually causes problems with breathing. When they occur, make sure you have a ginger tea by your side. It can help you deal with anxiety and stress which are very common for asthma sufferers.

10. Stimulates an appetite – There is another health benefit of ginger tea. It stimulates your appetite as well as prevents hunger attacks. It also helps in digestion by gastric acid release.

Making a ginger tea is a really easy task for everyone. Take one piece of ginger, peel it off, cut for a small pieces and add it to a hot water with a tea bag. The time of steaming depends on your preferences. If you like a strong one, make it about 20 minutes. You can drink it hot or cold, whatever you like.

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