10 Good Reasons Why Should You Get Cat for Your Kids

Of all the pets that you keep, probably, the cat is the prettiest, cutest, and loveliest, closest and agilest but, unfortunately, with so many superlatives applicable to the cat, it is too often not given due care, credit, and attention.  Therefore, if you can give your kids, a cat, that will be the most humanitarian act. Moreover, that will speak well of your parenthood, because of the following 10 good reasons.

1. Constant Companion

Once your child gets closer to the cat, it will get a constant companion and will relieve papa and mom from giving that attention to him or her. The cat will follow him wherever he goes and can break his feeling of aloneness or friendlessness

2. Good Playmate

Just as your kid is playful, naughty and active, the cat too possesses the same traits. If your child is physically active, he will develop and manifest his inner qualities that will add to his personality development.

3. Non-Aggressive and Agile

Unlike a dog, a cat is non-aggressive, affectionate, compassionate, responsive, delicate and agile.  These traits, if transferred to the human mind, will help your child to exhibit good human values like love, affection, compassion, empathy and submissiveness.

4. Self-Contented

Cats are self-content and do not seek for much care and attention from its master. With a little bit of hugging, brushing and feeding will suffice its personal needs. Your child can learn to be self-contented, independent and non-complaining when he grows up.

5. Pleasing Purrs

The purring of the cat is the most soothing, melodious and appealing. Your child will like to mimic it and can thus improve his interactive and communicative tone; mild, gentle and pleasing.

6. Mood Changer

Children are often moody and sometimes erratic in their expression. Take, for instance, if your kid is crying for getting some of his demand fulfilled, the cat may act as a catalyst for changing his mood. When grown up, your child is least likely to develop stubbornness or obstinacy. He will be more flexible and adaptable to the changing circumstances.

7. Tolerant & Enduring

Unlike a dog, a cat is more tolerant and enduring. Even if treated roughly, it will not react aggressively or imprudently. And if your child is grown up with the cat, he will be more tolerant, prudent, judicious rational and accommodative.

8. Silent Communicator

A cat has a sharp sight and communicative eyes. Your kid can exchange his feelings and emotions by interacting through the eyes of the cat. That will add to his mental development and the ability for socialization and communication

9. Relaxed & Non-Interfering

If the cat gets its menus of milk or fish, it remains totally relaxed and does not interfere in the affairs of others, whether humans or animals.

10. Family Bondage

By getting sentimentally and emotionally attached to the cat, your child will learn the value of family bondage and when grown up, will take due care of his disabled parents or other elderly persons, even beyond his family.


Pet vaccination is necessary when you know your kids are in contact with your pet. Hygiene and health go hand-in-hand; therefore, you must ensure you keep your children away from allergies and raise a happy child, which come from your pets, especially cats.

Control Child Allergies

Your child is more prone to allergies if you or any of your direct relatives has a history of allergy. You can control childhood allergies if you are aware of the common allergies and their symptoms. The following will help you in this regard.


  • Rashes or hives on skin; known as atopic dermatitis or eczema
  • Difficulty while breathing normally; Asthma
  • Coughing consistently, sneezing, a runny nose or itchy eyes
  • Upset or disorder of stomach

Common Triggers of Allergies in Children

  • Plant pollen, outdoor tree pollen insect bites or stings
  • Infection from pets through animal hair, fur, mold or dust mite
  • Kneading of cats can also trigger allergies in kids; cats don’t knead on purpose, they do it for relaxation
  • Exposure to second-hand smoking, car exhaust or strong perfumes
  • Allergic foods such as milk, milk products or eggs or peanuts

Consequences and Control of Allergy

  • Nasal Congestion or a stuffy nose compelling the child to breathe through the mouth. The child will not get restful night’s sleep and may proper growth of teeth or face bones
  • Ear Infections may cause inflammation of ear and accumulation of fluid. This may lead to decreased hearing
  • Food Allergies caused due to milk or peanuts, eggs, fish shellfish like lobster, crab, shrimp or crayfish.
  • Allergies and School: If your child has asthma or a severe allergy, inform the school administration for emergency medication. Advise your child to avoid any close physical contact with school pets, particularly furry animals like cats and rabbits. Ensure that your child takes asthma-controlling medication if he experiences difficulty in breathing while performing physical exercises or games and sports. Carrying an inhaler can act as an instant respite.
  • To avoid dust irritation, your child should be made to sit away from the blackboard so that irritation from chalk dust is avoided.

10 Commandments to Raise a Happy Kid

Following are the secrets to raising a happy child in your family:

  1. Show the child that you are happy, even if you are not
  2. Teach them maintaining amenable socializing practices and have healthy relationships with other members of the family, peers, and others
  3. Expect efforts and not perfection in his activities or performance in studies
  4. Teach them to develop an attitude of optimism and avoid negative thoughts
  5. Teach them Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Emotional Quotient (EQ)
  6. Make him develop Happiness habits and avoid stubbornness and obstinacy
  7. Teach Self-Discipline and avoidance of selfishness, narcissism, and vanity
  8. Allow free time for playing and avoid over- straining mentally
  9. Rig your kid’s environment for happiness
  10. Eat Dinner together and interact in a friendly manner

Your kids have to learn a lot from a cat. So give him one of the good breeds so that he becomes comfortable with it. Take the most care to prevent your kids from allergies. Remember, cats kneading may be one of the reasons for allergy.

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