10 Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

You curl up in your cozy bed after a busy day to relax in peace. It feels amazing until you hear that harsh, buzzing sound of your partner snoring. Your peaceful slumber is interrupted and you spend the night tossing and turning in bed.

Quality sleep is crucial for a good day’s start, but snoring really makes it difficult. Insufficient sleep at night leads to daytime fatigue, irritability, and many other health issues.

In addition to health problems, snoring also leads to relationship issues. Who wants to sleep next to a snorchestra?

So, let’s see what we can do to help here.

Whether it’s you or your partner who snores while sleeping, there are many efficient solutions that can eliminate snoring. Here are the 10 best ways that will help you put your snoring to end.


  1. Lose weight

When you doze off, the throat muscles relax,and the throat walls start vibrating as you breathe in and out. So, when you gain a few extra pounds, it will add up little fat in the airway, and thus, cause you to snore more frequently. The extra fatty tissues around your neck can close your airways and make it difficult for the air to flow while you sleep. As a result, you snore at night.

The solution is simple!Try to shed some pounds by including a healthy diet and regular exercise to your daily routine.

  1. Change your Sleeping position

You may have noticed that you snore more when you rest on your back. This is because when you lie horizontally, the tongue’s base and soft palate cave in the back of your throat. It partly blocks the airflow and makes you snore.

However, sleeping on your side will keep your throat open and allows the air to flow easily.

  1. Do some throat exercises

Throat exercises can make your throat muscles strong enoughso that they don’t stretch much while you’re asleep. Few vocal exercises do wonders to your throat and reduce your level of snoring. One of the best tricks is to repeat the vowel sounds for a couple of minutes before sleeping.

  1. Stop Smoking


If you smoke, it can be the culprit behind your snoring habit. Smoking causes an irritation in the lining of the nose and throat which can lead to swelling and catarrh. Also, the mucus that builds up after smoking causes the air to flow less freely which creates an unpleasant sound in the form of snoring.

So,quit smoking to end your snoring habit.

  1. Treat chronic allergies

If you are frequently left bunged up by allergies or hay fever, you are more likely to snore. Allergies usually reduce airflow through your nose and hence make you breathe through your mouth and snore. Treating these allergies can help you have a quieter night without snoring.

  1. Avoid alcohol before bed

Alcohol relaxes your muscle more than usual. As a result, you partly lose control over your tongue and throat muscles,and they collapse as you breathe in and out. The faster they vibrate, the louder the snore becomes.

Obviously, in this case, the best way tosolve this problem is to avoid drinking alcohol before bed.

  1. Try an air humidifier

Sometimes the throat and nose irritation caused by dry air leads to snoring. This is where buying a humidifier for your bedroom can help. The presence of moisture in the air lubricates your throat, thus making breathing easier and could help prevent you from snoring.

  1. Try external nasal dilator

Nasal cavity congestion impacts the nighttime breathing and thus causes the person to snore. So, clearing your sinuses is a great way to prevent snoring.

Using a nasal dilatorbefore hitting the sheets can decrease airflow resistance. Also, you can use Stick-on nasal strips on the bridge of the nose to increase the space in the nasal passage.This will make your breathing easier and reduce or eliminate your snoring.

  1. Use Stop- Snoring Devices

Want an immediate anti-snoring solution? Opt for the best stop snoring devices available in the market to alleviate your snoring almost immediately. Devices like mouthpieces, gadgets and pillows are crafted scientifically to help out all the snorers.

The anti-snoring pillows can help you elevate your head while sleeping to align the spine and thus prevents the airways from being blocked. Mouthpieces are designed to shift your jaw forward tostiffen the upper tissues of the airway. This way, it prevents the vibrations of the tissues and stops your loud snoring.

  1. Avoid Dust Mites


The dust mites accumulated in pillows can cause allergic reactions. So, keep your pillow clean, and stay away from the irritant to stop snoring.

hope you find some of these tips as effective ways to help and possibly eliminate your snoring issues. Give them a try and we wish you a restful and snore-free sleep.

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