10 Doable Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt Now to Lose Weight


Let’s face it, folks! We pledge to follow a strenuous and elliptical routine but end up munching cupcakes and grabbing happy hour drinks!

Nevertheless, craving for food, following a strict diet, eating less sugar, and spending hours at the gym will not help you shed weight UNTIL you follow a healthy regime.

But what a healthy routine is?

Weight loss is all about small and noticeable changes that can go along forever. So, swap all-or-nothing trick with few healthy switch-ups in your routine, and kick start your healthy routine!

Read-on to know more about how you can bring your dreaded weight loss dream into a beautiful reality.

Some healthy habits and it’s done!

First, Start Evaluating your Eating Habits…

At what time you are eating is more important than what you are putting in your mouth! If you are eating late at night, or helping your kid’s finish their meal, or nibbling while cooking something, STOP right away!  Change this behavior and try to finish only your food. This trick will save a chunk of calories and will help you shed easily.

Don’t Rush, Eat Slow…

Handy and straightforward trick- Eat slowly and save more calories!

When you eat slowly, your body will start feeling full, and your hunger pangs will slow down. Also, taking your time to finish your food will make your food tasty and better.

Gulp Water Around the Clock..

mineral water

Even if your body is healthy, it can be prone many problems, but increasing water intake can help. If you are not a fan of plain water, you can go for some healthy options like juices, or have flavored juices.

Make your Breakfast a NO Skip Meal…

Eating healthy breakfast full of proteins and fiber will keep your morning hunger pangs at bay. You will feel full and satisfied. Plus, will feel more energetic all day long. You can try meals that are low in carbohydrates and are rich in fiber like scrambled eggs, plain Greek yogurt or omelet full of veggies.

Kick Out Unhealthy Snacks….


When trying to lose weight, snacking healthy snacks will not only curb your craving but will also please your taste buds. Keep an eye on your serving size and pre-portion your snacks. Don’t eat mindlessly and snack intentionally. Try to eat after every two or three hours, but make sure to stay awake for at least 30 or 40 minutes after your last meal. Also, avoid bites, tastes, and licks, whatever you are eating, eat full stomach and don’t hop on low-fat or light items. Such items are loaded with sugar and are not much healthy.

Nothing after Dinner…

That’s where most folks fail! Eating late at night will bring-on extra calories in your body. If you are still feeling hungry, try calming your urge with low-calorie food or beverage. You can even try a piece of hard candy or perhaps brushing teeth can help reduce the temptation to much again.

Clock Enough Sleeping Hours..

It can sometimes become hard to stick to a healthy sleep schedule, especially when you have a party to catch up on. However, getting enough sleep makes the appetite hormones in line and helps in balancing appetite.  It’s one of the best health tips for losing weight.

Sit and Then Eat….

Don’t eat while standing or roaming around. Instead, eat on the plate sitting on a table. Foods that you are eating from packages while standing will go nowhere, and you may end up munching lot more. Instead, sit down and enjoy your meal.

Eat Meals From Plate Only…

Eating from plates or bowls will control your unnecessary hunger pangs and will make you feel full. Remember, it takes at least 15 minutes for your brain to get signals from your belly that you are full.

Weekends! No Cheat-Snacks..

When you are following a healthy diet and are obsessed with eating healthy throughout the week, your taste buds will force you to have cheat meals on weekends. Doing this will not give results you have expected and you perhaps not see the important weight loss you were expecting. So, instead of letting weekends influence your healthy habits, focus on having healthy meals. Above all, keep track of your food and beverage intake for a complete meal and look if you are taking extra calories.

So, now that you know staying healthy prophecy, repeat positive thoughts to yourself and stick to the mantras mentioned above and lose weight swiftly.

Remember, if you have salads, keep dressings or dips at bay. Stick your tons of empty forks in the food and enjoy your meal the way it is. After all the more you please your taste buds, the more you will allow calories to make their way in your body.


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  1. Vladislav Webster says:

    Don’t eat while standing or roaming around. Instead, eat on the plate sitting on a table. Foods that you are eating from packages while standing will go nowhere, and you may end up munching lot more. Instead, sit down and enjoy your meal.

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