10 Common Food Combinations that can Cause Food Indigestion

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Eating good food gives a certain kind of pleasure that is satisfying and can make you come back for more. With the right food combination in your menu, you can keep your consumers asking for more. This will mean a heavy boost to your food business.

With the wrong food combinations, you can trigger food indigestion in your consumers. When this happens frequently, they will come to associate your brand with food indigestion and patronize you less. Knowing about these food combinations and the way they affect our health can help you create a better food menu. Some common combinations that can lead to food indigestion include…

  • Eggs and Bacon, Egg and yoghurt, or Egg and Milk

Most times we like to take our egg with yoghurt or combining egg scramble and bacon. It may seem very delicious, but it can cause indigestion. Two foods with high protein content can overwhelm the digestive system. The body finds it hard to digest both at the same time, so it will go for one and leave the other. This can make us weak and heavy. The fat in meats and bacon combined with the protein in egg also give instant energy which vanishes within minutes leaving you lethargic. You can advise your consumers to instead spread out the protein consumption plan and give significant time in between each meal.

  • Tomatoes and pasta sauce

Tomatoes are acidic and pasta is rich in starchy carbohydrate. The combination of acids and starchy carbs are not recommended since the body requires great energy to digest them. The two of them can cause digestive problems such as bloating and after-meal fatigue. The acids in tomatoes also weaken the enzymes when eaten with pasta. Pasta with grilled veggies is a better combination.

  • Pizza and Soda

Pizza and soda is a common combination which can lead to indigestion. The carbohydrate, starch and protein in the pizza take up a lot of the body’s energy for digestion. The sugar in the soda slows down digestive processes in the stomach. They are also both highly acidic and cause heaviness and bloating.

  • Yoghurt with Fruits

Sour fruits and dairy combinations are not recommended as they lead to digestive problems according to Ayurveda and food combining theory. Yoghurt is rich in protein and fruits contain acid. When the two comes in contact with each other, it causes a reduction in digestive fibre, produces toxins, and can also cause cold allergies. This can be prevented by using unflavoured yoghurts and cinnamon instead of fresh fruits.

  • Beans and Cheese

Beans and dairy protein is a common combination that is obtainable especially in Mexican restaurants. When eaten with hot sauce and guacamole, it can lead to bloating and indigestion. For better digestion, you should consider skipping cheese in the menu unless demanded specifically.

  • Meat with potatoes

Some slices of meat with mashed or grilled potatoes may seem like the best afternoon meal. However, eating both together can trigger digestive problems. The protein in meat and carbohydrate in potatoes react to cause putrefaction of protein and fermentation of carbohydrates. This leads to bloating and flatulence. Complementary foods like rice with beans are a healthier combination.

  • Banana and Milkshake

Banana and milk smoothies are very tasty and but can be toxic at the same time. Bananas and milk have sweet taste separately but when combined cause confusion to our digestive system. The combination changes the intestinal flora and may cause cold/cough allergies and sinus congestion. Consuming both at the same time has also been linked to slow performance of the mind. The best way to eat both is to consume them separately with 20 minutes in between.

  • Cereal and Juice

Starting our day with a bowl of cereal and a cup of fruit juice might seem convenient and healthy. Nutritionists and modern hygienists, however, believe it’s not a wonderful idea. The combination does not give as much energy as expected and also causes heaviness. This can lead to discomfort. Juice, as an extract gotten from fruits, contains acids. These acids lower the activity of the enzymes that help in the breakdown of carbohydrate. Instead of taking both together, you can take the juice an hour before or after the cereals.

  • Steak Sandwiches

Steak sandwiches contain protein and carbohydrate which requires different enzymes for proper digestion. Consuming foods high in protein and carbohydrate is known to be a huge indigestion trigger. The body is forced to make a choice of the food to digest and leave the other. A leafy green salad added to the mix can reduce the effects of indigestion.

  • Bean and Cheese Burritos

The combination of cheese, beans, and hot sauce provides one of the quickest routes to bloating. This can bring discomfort to your customers. A better way to enjoy the taste is by skipping the hot sauce and cheese and using fresh veggies instead.

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority of businesses within the restaurant and food service industry. As a restaurateur, you have a responsibility to ensure your customers eat healthily and that the food they eat is safely stored, controlled and prepared. Apps such as Just Eat, Safe Food Pro and Food Safety can help you create a better food control plan for use in your restaurant.

Enlighten your consumers about the digestive problems they stand to face if they go for these meals. Help provide a better option or add another food into the mix which will reduce the effects. Your customers will appreciate you the more which will be a great boost for your business.

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