10 Benefits That Come from Employee Health and Wellness Programs

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When it comes to getting the most return on investment from your employees, there are very few programs that pack as much punch as employee health and wellness programs. In over 200 scientific studies over the last decade, the evidence for their value is consistent. In addition to helping employees stay healthy, a factor that can help reduce the cost of employee health insurance premiums, they often create a workplace culture that is focused on high levels of personal productivity.

In an age where companies are looking for every avenue for improving their performance metrics, while maintaining costs, workplace wellness programs make good sense. The Centers for Disease Control publishes a report that shows just how close the link is between employee health and workplace productivity. According to the most recent figures:

• Indirect costs of poor employee health, which can include illness, absenteeism and decreased work output, may be several times higher than the actual costs of medical care after-the-fact.

• In the US alone, productivity losses that are related to personal and family health issues can cost employers as much as $1,685 per employee per year equating to $225 billion in costs annually.

Corporate sponsored health and wellness programs provide many unique benefits to employees and the companies they work for. Simply by including an easy to manage health and wellness program, your business can improve its bottom line. Here, you will find a rundown of the top ten benefits that come directly from implementing an employee health and wellness program.

#1 – Up shift in productivity levels

When employees are at their physical and mental best, they tend to also be much more productive in their daily assignments. This can give your company a clear advantage as the work your employees do can be more focused on quality and innovation.

#2 – Increased awareness of personal health

Imagine having a team of employees who look forward to coming to work each day as part of a balanced lifestyle? When you put a workplace wellness program into place, you provide this opportunity to allow your employees to prioritize their personal health and well-being.

#3 – Prevention of serious illnesses

One of the biggest set-falls in business happens when a large number of employees become ill during annual spikes in the cold and flu season. This can be slowed down dramatically by providing access to wellness support and education, which help employees take preventative steps to reduce illness.

#4 – Low cost incentive for all employees

Employers today are looking for ways to incentivize the workplace to attract quality candidates and to keep their current employees engaged. A health and wellness program can be a very cost effective manner in which to accomplish both of these objectives.

#5 – Less absenteeism and more retention

Indirectly as a result of having a greater awareness and support for health and wellness, employees are more apt to respond by missing fewer days at work. Likewise, having the benefit of working for an employer that supports wellness can increase retention rates.

#6 – Improved recruitment efforts

Every employer has the goal of attracting the best candidates out there to take their business into the next phase of development. A key to getting quality employees on board is to emphasize the health and wellness incentives as part of a well-rounded compensation and benefits package.

#7 – Higher levels of employee morale

It’s been shown over and over again in studies that when employees are healthy, they are more apt to experience above-average employee morale. This high morale and the energy it produces can spill over into all departments, making your business more successful.

#8 – Lower health insurance premiums

The rising cost of health insurance is on the minds of many business leaders today, especially as health care reform takes shape going into next year. A US Department of Health and Human Services report indicated that corporate wellness programs can reduce health care costs by as much as 55 percent.

#9 – Fewer employee accidents and workers’ comp

Employees who are focused on personal health and physical well-being are less likely to put themselves into situations where they will become injured. This means fewer on the job accidents that can cost your company big.

#10 – Happier, less stressed employees

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look around and see happy, smiling faces among your employee population more often? Corporate sponsored wellness programs send the message to employees that you care about their well-being and want them to live healthier, more balanced lives. This care and concern goes a long way to producing less stressed out employees.

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